Spring 2007 (Rutgers): Lanier and Saintsbury

Nov 2007 (Princeton): Poe and Patmore

May 2008 (Rutgers): The Global Poetess

Dec 2008 (Tufts): Gummere and Watts-Dunton

Feb 2009 (Penn): Nineteenth Century Hexameters

Oct 2009 (Princeton): Robert Bridges

March 2010 (Penn): Crossing the Bar Conference

Dec 2010 (Michigan): Dialect Poetry

May 2011 (New York): Rrrrrrrrobbie Burns

December 2011 (Rutgers): 19th c Anthologizing

April 2012 (UNC-Chapel Hill):  Parody

December 2012 (Princeton):  Ballads

May 2013 (Irvine):  Campbell and Smith

November 2013 (Rutgers):  Dramatic Monologue

May 2014 (Chicago):  Poetic Genre and Social Imagination conference

April 2015 (Rutgers / Belmar):  Poetry of Madness

December 2015 (Michigan):  Translation

May 2016 (Charlemont):  Longfellow and Morris