Public Events


October: Frances Harper and Toru Dutt seminar at the University of Maryland



ACLA special session Global Lives of Poems and Nineteenth-Century Literary History 


2014  MLA: Diversifying Victorian Verse Archives

NAVSA seminar “Historical Prosody and the New Archive” Meredith Martin

May 2014 (Chicago):  Poetic Genre and Social Imagination conference

C19: Panel with Jason Rudy, Max Cavitch, Meredith Martin, also panel with Virginia Jackson “Before Modernism” paper



MLA session on Lyric TheoryPeriodizing 19th-C Poetry outside National Frames

NAVSA session in Venice MM & JR, Global Victorians

NAVSA special session in Pasadena, “Historical Poetics Roundtable” w/ MM (chair), CW, MC, JR, and VJ

May HP:  Ballads symposium, UC Irvine (open conference)

UCLA: Campbell and Smith (Ballads 2) open session

Nov HP: Dramatic Monologue, Rutgers, open session



ACLA special session with Jackson, Prins,

MLA: “The Cultural Place of Nineteenth-Century Poetry“, Media, Genre, and 19th-C US Poetry

NAVSA “Poetic Networks” MM and JR invited seminar leaders

April HP: Parody, UNC Chapel Hill (open session)

Dec HP: Ballads 1, Princeton (open session)


MLA special session on Historical Prosody


ACLA special session on Rhythm with Jackson, Prins, Martin, Kappeler, Cable, Glaser, Culler, Jarvis, Cohen.

NAVSA “Performing Victorian Poetry” with MC, JR, MM

MSA “Modernist Prosody” MM

Dec HP: Anthologies



March 2010 (Penn): Crossing the Bar Conference

Dec 2010 (Michigan): Dialect Poetry



MLA: Poetry and Publics 

Feb HP: Hexameters (Penn)

Oct HP: Robert Bridges & Milton’s Prosody at Princeton (open session)




Metre Matters conference, Exeter (YP, MM, MC)

May HP: Global Poetess conference, Rutgers

Dec HP: Watts-Dunton and Gummere (open to Tufts faculty & graduate students)

MLA Lyric Strain panel, Literary History for the 21st Century

NAVSA “Politics of Poetic Form”





Fall HP: Poe and Patmore (open to Princeton / Rutgers students)

ACLA: Panel on Poetry, MM, MC, VJ, YP (Puebla)


Historical Poetics group officially begins meeting,




MLA: Literary History after Transatlantic Studies,


2002: Traffic in Poems conference, Rutgers