Harper & Dutt at UMD

Saturday, October 15th

Public session from 10:00am-12:30pm in Tawes 2115, University of Maryland, College Park

All are welcome to join us for a discussion of the following texts (PDFs available by clicking on the titles) by Frances E. Watkins Harper and Toru Dutt. Lunch will follow for all who attend.

Frances E. Watkins Harper
Moses: a Story of the Nile (1869; 1889; 1893)
from Sketches of Southern Life (1872; 1886):  “Our English Friends,” the Aunt Chloe sequence (5 poems), “‘I Thirst’,” “The Dying Queen” and, in 1886, “The Jewish Grandfather’s Story”

Toru Dutt
from Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan: “Savitri,” “Sita,” Miscellaneous poems:  (7 poems):  “Near Hastings,” “France–1870,” “The Tree of Life,” “On the Flyleaf. . . ,” “Sonnet-Baugmaree,” “Sonnet-The Lotus,” “Our Causarina Tree”