Itinerary, Histpo West

Thursday, 5/2: arrive LAX, travel to Guest House. Depending on when people get in, maybe some of us can get dinner in Westwood.
Friday, 5/3:
10:30 a.m.: pick up at Guest House (meet outside), travel to Irvine. Lunch beforehand (?)
1 – 5: symposium on ballads. Each of us speaks for 5-10 minutes, we take a 10 minute break, then reconvene for a discussion with the audience. Ends with wine being passed around, then a reception.
After the event, we might head over to the lovely beach nearby to toast the sunset. Shipwreck ballads not required.
Dinner in Irvine, travel back to Guest House
Saturday, 5/4:
10:45 a.m., walk over from Guest House (meet outside) to Humanities building
11-1, group discussion on Gertrude of Wyoming
1-2, lunch with grad students
2-4, closed session on The Sinless Child, discussion about future meetings, etc.
Travel over to Silver Lake for a party at Jennie & Martin’s
Travel back to UCLA Guest House (arrange taxis)
Sunday, 5/5:
Check-out and departure from LAX.

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