Rrrrrobbie Burrrns!

Michael Cohen has graciously put together a pdf* of the following poems for our May 1 discussion.  More details, anon, about that meeting.  In the meantime, here’s your reading!  I’ll post additional poems as members of the group desire.

*you may want to download and print this version of the pdf, particularly if your printer is prone to jamming.  I cropped the pages so that most of the black outline of the photocopier bed is gone.

Poems by Robert Burns:

Tam O’Shanter; Holy Willie’s Prayer;  To a Mouse; Man was Made to Mourn; To a Mountain Daisy; To Ruin; On a Scotch Bard; The Kirk’s Alarm; Lines Written in Friars-Carse Hermitage; To William Simpson; To the Rev. John M’Math; Inscription on the Tombstone; Verses written under the Portrait of Fergusson the Poet; Poem, Addressed to Mr. Mitchell; To Miss Logan, with Beattie’s Poems; To Miss Cruikshank; Verses to a Young Lady; Written on the Blank Leaf of the Last Edition of His Poems; To a Young Lady, Miss Jessie Lewars, Dumfries; My Love is Like a Red Red Rose; Afton Water; Go Fetch to Me a Pint of Wine; Highland Mary; To Mary in Heaven;  There was a Lad;  Green Grow the Rashes; For A’That and A’That; Auld Lang Syne; Scots Wha Hae; It Was A’ For Our Rightfu’ King; MacPherson’s Farewell; Wandering Willie; Braw Lads; Ca’ the Yowes; John Anderson My Jo; John Barleycorn; The Sodgers Return; Last May a Braw Wooer; Country Lassie; My Father was a Farmer; The Lass of Eccelfechan; The Slave’s Lament; Elegy;  Fragmentary Verses.


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